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How to clean a fish tank

It’s important to have a clean environment for all freshwater aquarium fish. Your fish will live a longer and a healthier life in a clean aquarium.

Cleaning a fish tank can actually be quite simple, but most people see this as too stressful. Many aquarium owners don’t really know the right methods to clean a fish tank, and sometimes end up spending hours trying to learn what and how to clean. But there’s a much better way to care for your fish tank, simply follow these steps here, and enjoy your fresh looking tank!

Remove all the electrical plugs that’s around the aquarium!

Cleaning plan:

1. First step is to place your fish in a temporary bowl and empty the tank of about 20-30% of it’s water (for a saltwater tank, change 10% of the water every 2 weeks).

2. Then if you can take out all the plants, rocks and decorations and leave the fish in the tank if it’s a large tank.

3. Clean the gravel with the suction filtration method.

4. After cleaning the gravel, disconnect the filter and clean it. If you have two filters, clean just one of the filters today. They contain useful bacteria for the fish and it’s sensible not to clean both of them at the same cleanup process.

5. The filter can be taken apart without difficulty and cleaned extensively. Over time, the filters can get without difficulty dirty. But if it’s not very dirty, you can just wash it out with water and set it back. Also check the filter pipe and the engine surroundings, clean them as much as you can.


6. Right after the filter is cleaned out, you can set it back to it’s place.

7. Now you can start brushing rocks and other decorations. If the rocks are very dirty, use 1/10 solution of bleach/water. Soak the decorations in a bucket and keep them in there about 30 minutes. After this, clean them thoroughly with water. Be sure there’s no bleach on them when you set them back into the tank.

8. After tank and all the objects are cleaned and the tank is filled with water again, add your fish back to the tank. Keep in mind that fish can find the temporary bowl very stressful, so don’t keep away from their real aquarium too long.

9. Carefully start placing the rocks and decorations back, right after they’re dried out completely in case you used bleach to clean them. Otherwise you can place them right away.

10. Clean the external surfaces. Wipe down the outside, including glass, hood, light and the top. Only use solutions that are aquarium-safe.

How often should you do it? About every 6 months! But don’t overdo it! There are useful bacteria colonies that your fish need, and cleaning the tanks usually eliminates a lot of these colonies.

No additional steps are needed!

Also note, the more complex filtration system you have, the less you have to clean the tank. Keep in mind to clean/replace filters according to the labels!

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