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Beginners Guide

Understanding the Nutrition of Aquarium Fish

Before you go and buy any new fish foods, however, do some homework to learn the basics about aquarium fish nutrition so you are better prepared to formulate a balanced diet for the fish in your tank. Providing your fish a poor diet is just as typical a misstep as overfeeding. Offering the right diet […]

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How to Choose Aquarium Lights

The intent of this post is to give basic answers to the most frequent questions we get about selecting lighting in both fresh- and saltwater tanks, with focus on newcomers, but also with recommendations and details for more enhanced reef saltwater and planted freshwater aquarium owners. Lighting is an essential part for both freshwater and […]

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Adding First Fish to Your Aquarium

It’s quite common, that people who start a new aquarium, only set up the tank and start off adding fish immediately, without correctly preparing the tank first. Worst case scenario here is that the fish may get sick or even die. To prevent any kind of complications, bacteria should first be added into the aquarium […]

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Beginner’s instructions to aquarium equipment

Aquarium equipment may often seem a bit overwhelming, there’s a lot of different things offered and it can be challenging to know what are the most appropriate pieces for the setup the aquarium you are targeting for. Some elements are necessary to all set ups, some are optional based on the sort of set up […]

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