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Understanding the Nutrition of Aquarium Fish

Before you go and buy any new fish foods, however, do some homework to learn the basics about aquarium fish nutrition so you are better prepared to formulate a balanced diet for the fish in your tank. Providing your fish a poor diet is just as typical a misstep as overfeeding. Offering the right diet […]

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5 Best Algae Eaters

Algae eaters are an excellent component in a freshwater aquarium to help control and minimize unsightly and sometimes harmful algae development. They come in a range of species, such as shrimps, snails and algae-consuming fish. Some algae-eaters favor specific types of algae, so with a variety you can be sure that all or most of […]

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How Often Should You Change Aquarium Water?

The Importance of Water Changes Water quality decides the ongoing health and progress of aquarium residents. Aquarium water quality is not only a visual aspect but an essential aspect of fish health. Basically, keeping clean, healthy water through schedule water modifications is the key to the well-being of aquarium residents. Scheduled water changes have always […]

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How to Deal With Aquarium Snails

If you have been an aquarium enthusiast for some time, the odds are that you have had encountered with aquarium snails. In small amounts these invertebrates can in fact be beneficial in the home fish tank, but as soon as their numbers begin to grow they can become a hassle. Snails can breed themselves rapidly […]

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Maintaining Water Quality in Your Aquarium

Usually when fish get sick for no obvious reason, the actual cause is one or more water quality concerns. First of all, make sure the temperature and pH are correct for the types of fish you are keeping, then check for toxic nitrogen substances; ammonia and nitrite (NO2) should be zero, and nitrate (NO3) should […]

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Dealing With Algae in Your Aquarium

  Green algae certainly does not win any attraction competitions among aquarium lovers. It’s most likely the most prevalent form of algae that gets into your tank. It makes your tank dirty, looks terrible and is pretty fast at soaking up necessary elements required by corals and other plants in your aquarium creating it a […]

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How to choose the right aquarium heater

If you have an aquarium, make sure to keep a suitable temperature for the health of your fish. What happens if you are unable to keep a steady or warm enough temperature in the tank? For some special delicate underwater life, it could cause stress. To prevent stress and any other issues that come with […]

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Feeding Saltwater Aquarium Fish

Obviously, the most important part of your aquarium health keeping is taking care of your fish and feeding your fish is a big part of it. You absolutely need clean water, but if you’re not providing a balanced diet for the fish, they may falter, get sick or even die. The most important point of […]

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How to clean a fish tank

It’s important to have a clean environment for all freshwater aquarium fish. Your fish will live a longer and a healthier life in a clean aquarium. Cleaning a fish tank can actually be quite simple, but most people see this as too stressful. Many aquarium owners don’t really know the right methods to clean a […]

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